María de maeztu UNIT OF EXCELLENCE (2015-2019)

María de maeztu UNIT OF EXCELLENCE

The Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), as one of the promoting institutions of the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics, was awarded with a Maria de Maeztu Unit of Excellence (MDM-2014-0445) by the Spanish Government in 2015.

The María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence Award is one of the highest recognitions for scientific institutions in Spain, acknowledging the world-class quality of the research performed by the members of the Unit.The awardbacks up (with 2MEuros over 4 years, in the case of the Units) the Unit´s Strategic Research Programme (SRP), in order to leverage their scientific capabilities and contribute towards their international leadership.



The strategic research programme of the Unit could be pictured as a matrix. The SRP was organized into seven large areas of research in the mathematical sciences, with each area focused on two / three vertical objectives, which represented a total of fifteen fundamental research challenges.

Three transversal objectives (attracting and training young researchers, knowledge transfer to industry and society, and cross-fertilization) completed the SRP matrix, providing input into the lines and guiding the dissemination of the output.

The Unit of Excellence Award enabled the CRM to attract international talent to contribute to the diverse areas: 22 PhDs (supervised by some of the Senior Researchers in the diverse strategic lines) and 15 postdoctoral fellows were hired between 2015 and 2019 thanks to the MdM Award plus related opportunities such as INPHINIT Incoming PhD programme (La Caixa) and Santander Postdoctoral Fellowships.


Algebra, Geometry and Topology

Line principal investigator: Carles Casacuberta

Guarantor: Pere Ara, Rosa M. Miró.

Senior team members: Maria Alberich, Carles Broto, Natàlia Castellana, Carlos D´Andrea, Joachim Kock, David Marín, Eva Miranda, Ignasi Mundet, Francesc Perera, Joan Porti, Joaquim Roe, Martin Sombra.

MdM Postdocs: Joan Bosa (JdC, 2017-ongoing), Federico Cantero (2016-2018), Alessandro Oneto (2017-ongoing), Marithania Silvero (2018), Sune Precht (2017-ongoing).

MdM PhDs: Laurent Cantier (2017-onoing), Robert Cardona (2018-ongoing), Marina Garrote (2017-ongoing), Anastasiia Matveeva (2018-ongoing), Andrés Rojas (2017-ongoing), Carlos Sáez (2015-2018), Mallika Roy (2017-ongoing).

Analysis, Probability and Partial Differential Equations

Line principal investigator: Xavier Tolsa

Guarantor: Xavier Cabré

Senior team members: Joaquim Bruna, Mª Jesus Carro, Joan Mateu, Artur Nicolau, Joaquim Ortega, Marta Sanz-Solé, Joan Verdera

MdM Postdocs: Matteo Cozzi (2016-2018), Gyula Csato (2017-ongoing), Aapo Kauranen (2017-ongoing), Antti Perälä (2017-ongoing)

MdM PhDs: Damien Dabrowski (2017-ongoing), Juan Carlos Felipe (2017-ongoing), Carmelo Puliatti (2016-ongoing), Tomás Sanz-Perela (2016-ongoing).

Discrete Mathematics, Algorithmics and Logic

Line principal investigator: Oriol Serra

Guarantor: Marc Noy (IP Unit of Excellence)

Senior team members: Albert Atserias, Joan Bagaria

MdM Postdocs: Gonzalo Fiz (2017-ongoing)

MdM PhDs: Maximilian Wötzel (2017-ongoing)

Dynamical Systems

Line Principal Investigator: Tere Martinez-Seara

Senior team members: Lluís Alseda, Amadeu Delshams, Núria Fagella, Ernest Fontich, Marcel Guardia, Xavier Jarque, Àngel Jorba, Alex Haro, Joan Torregrossa.

Postdocs: Stefano Pasquali (2018-ongoing)

MdM PhDs: Gladston Duarte (2016-ongoing), Joan Gimeno (2016-ongoing).

Mathematics and Statistics for Life and Social Sciences

Line Principal Investigator: Tomás Alarcón

Guarantor: Guadalupe Gómez

Senior team members: Marino Arroyo, Marta Casanellas, Alex Roxin, Josep Sardanyès, Klaus Wimmer.

MdM Postdocs: Helmut Schmidt (2016-2018)

MdM PhDs: Enric Costa (2015-2017), Marta Bofill-Roig (2018-ongoing), Waleed Mirza (2017-ongoing).

Modelling and Simulation

Line Principal Investigator: Álvaro Corral

Guarantor: Gerard Gómez

Senior team members: Irene Arias, Jordi Castro, Elena Fernández, Sonia Fernández-Méndez, Ricard Gavaldà, Tim Myers, Pètia Radeva

Postdocs: Álvaro González (JdC; 2018-ongoing), Álvaro Leitao (2017-ongoing)

MdM PhDs: Claudia Fanelli (2016-ongoing), Víctor Navas (2016-ongoing), Jordi Vila (2017-ongoing).

Number Theory

Line Principal Investigator: Víctor Rotger

Senior Team Member: Luis Dieulefait

Postdocs: Francesc Fité (2016-2018)