Guadalupe Gómez

Full professor at UPC
Research area: Statistics

PhD in Statistics obtained at Columbia University, NY


Guadalupe Gómez is Full Professor in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at UPC. Lupe has been President of the Spanish Region of the International Biometric Society and of the Catalan Statistical Society. Her research focuses on the analysis of survival data, clinical trials and problems arising from situations with complex censoring patterns and is the author of more than 100 papers in ISI refereed journals. Her methodological research has been funded continuously on grants from theMinistry of Economy and Competitiveness since 1996. Lupe serves as Executive Editor of SORT (Statistics and Operations Research Transactions) and Associate Editor of Statistical Modelling. Lupe leads the research group GRBIO, recognized and funded by Generalitat de Catalunya.

Research lines

  • Clinical Trials
  • Multiple endpoint Survival Analysis with Complex Censoring Patterns
  • Sample size computation
  • Statistics applied to Basic and Clinical Research of AIDS
  • Online tools for biostatistics

Selected publications

  • Pérez-Alvárez, S., Gómez, G and Brander, C. (2015) FARMS: A New Algorithm for Variable Selection. BioMed Research Intern. Volume 2015, Article ID 319797,
  • Langohr K., Gómez G. (2014). Estimation and residual analysis with R for a linear regression model with an interval-censored covariate. Biometrical Journal. Vol. 56, pp. 867-885
  • Gómez, G., Serrat, C. (2014). Correcting the bias due to dependent censoring of the survival estimator by conditioning. Statistics. 48 – 2, pp. 295 – 314
  • Gómez G.,Lagakos S. (2013). Statistical considerations when using a composite endpoint for comparing treatment groups.Statistics in Medicine. Vol. 32, pp. 719 – 738
  • Oller, R., Gómez, G. and Calle, M.L. (2007). Interval Censoring: Identifiability and the constant sum property. Biometrika, Vol 94 (1), pp. 61–70