Elena Fernández

at UPC
Research area: Mathematical Modelling

PhD in Computer Science obtained at UPC


I earned a degree in Mathematics at U. Zaragoza and obtained my PhD at UPC. Since 2007 I am Professor at UPC. Before, I held several positions, first at the Basque Country U. and then at UPC. I have been the principal investigator of research projects and have supervised several doctoral theses. I am the author of over 70 scientific papers with about 40 co-authors from a dozen of countries. I belong to the Editorial Board of Computers & Operations Research and EURO J. on Computation Optimization, and I am Associate Editor of TOP, the OR Journal of the Spanish Society SEIO. Dr.Fernándezis the President of the European Association of Operational Research Societies (EURO) for the term 2015-2016.

Research lines

  • Discrete optimization
  • Location Analysis
  • Network Design
  • Routing Problems

Selected publications

  • Álvarez-Miranda, E., E. Fernández, I. Ljubi? (2015) The Recoverable Robust Facility Location Problem. Transportation Research Part B 79, 93-120.
  • Roca-Riu, M., E. Fernández, M. Estrada (2015) Parking slot assignment for urban distribution: models and formulations. Omega, to appear, doi:10.1016/j.omega.2015.04.010.
  • Contreras, I., E. Fernández (2014), Hub Location as the Minimization of a Supermodular Set Function, Operations Research 62 557-570.
  • Albareda-Sambola, M., E. Fernández, G. Laporte (2014), The Dynamic Multiperiod Vehicle Routing Problem with Probabilistic Information. Computers & Operations Research 48, 31-39.
  • Fernández, E., M. Pozo, J. Puerto (2014), Ordered Weighted Average Combinatorial Optimization: Formulations and their properties. Discrete Applied Mathematics 169, 97-118.