Sune Precht Reeh

Postdoctoral fellow at BGSMath - UAB
Research area: Topology / Algebra


I am a BGSMath postdoc at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I was previously a postdoc for 3 years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and I received my PhD degree in Copenhagen supervised by Jesper Grodal.

My main area of interest is algebraic topology and its applications to group theory. I am in particular  working with saturated fusion systems/p-local finite groups and their properties in stable homotopy theory. This relates to work by Ragnarsson and Stancu showing that saturated fusion systems are classified by the so-called characteristic idempotents in the double Burnside ring of the underlying p-group, and many topological properties can be translated into pure algebra suitable for direct calculations.

My research also involves collaborations and interactions with chromatic homotopy theory and infinity categories.

Selected publications