In the framework of the grant “María de Maeztu“, BGSMath organized 4 to 6 weeks international intensive research programs, lead by local BGSMath faculty.


Algebraic and Combinatorial Phylogenetics

Statistics, probability, computation, differential equations, algorithmics, combinatorics, geometry and algebra all play an important role in biology, biostatistics and bioinformatics. Algebra and geometry have showed up in phylogenetics via the new discipline “algebraic statistics”.

Random Discrete Structures and Beyond

The BGSMath Monthly Program Random Discrete Structures and Beyond aims to bring together top leader researchers in combinatorics, probability theory and computer science in the area of random discrete structures.

Number Theory

It seems the right time for the STNB to organize a six-week intensive program on number theory. It will contribute to maintain the level of exceptional research that is being done in Barcelona in the field. In addition, it will be a great opportunity to train a new generation of graduate students and to introduce them to this active, exciting, and fruitful area of research.