Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis

Motivated by problems in different disciplines, mathematical modeling seeks to explain and understand phenomena in nature and technology by means of the mathematical language. This is an interdisciplinary field, that uses mathematical concepts for the progress of other sciences, including biology, physics, engineering, business, economics and risk management… This is as well an interdisciplinary topic as tools from different areas in mathematics can be exploited, e.g. differential equations, statistics, data science, numerical analysis, discrete mathematics, algebra and geometry.

Research Lines

Mathematical Engineering and Numerical Analysis
Mathematics for life sciences

Key words: Mathematical and computational neuroscience. Mathematical Epidemiology. Complex Systems. Evolutionary models. Phylogenetic reconstruction. Molecular substitution models. Algebraic statistics.  Multi-scale modelling of tumour growth. Mathematical Biophysics.

Tomás Alarcón, CRM
Marino Arroyo, UPC
Àngel Calsina, UAB
Marta Casanellas, UPC
Álvaro Corral, CRM
Silvia Cuadrado, UAB
Jesús Fernández, UPC
Lupe Gómez, UPC
Antoni Guillamón, UPC
Aurora Hernández-Machado, UB
Gemma Huguet, UPC
Andrei Korobeinikov, CRM
Pere Puig, UAB
Alex Roxin, CRM

Optimization, Operations Research, and Management

Keywords: Mathematical Optimization. Routing Problems. Network Design. Business Analytics. Data Science. Risk, Insurance. Quantitative Economics. Logistics.


Catalina Bolancé, UB
Jordi Castro, UPC
Elena Fernández, UPC
Montserrat Guillén, UB
Francisco Javier Heredia, UPC
Helena Ramlhinho, UPF

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