Laurent Cantier

PhD student at BGSMath - UAB
Research area: Algebra

PhD in Mathematics obtained at Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona (2021)


I was born in Cagnes-sur-Mer in 1991. After highschool, I started a two years intensive mathematics/physics course in Nice, in order to enter Grandes Ecoles. I got into Centrale Nantes in 2011 and got graduated as a general engineer, with a specialization in applied mathematics after 4 more years. Then on, I went 6 months to University of Paris VI to prepare Agregation Externe de Mathématiques as a "free candidate" (but failed at the last stage of the examination).
Finally in October 2016 I moved to Barcelona to start my PhD at the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona under the supervision of Ramon ANTOINE and Francesc PERERA.

Selected publications