Joan Gimeno

at BGSMath-UB
Research area: Dynamical Systems


I am a PhD student at UB under the supervision of Professor Àngel Jorba since 2016. Currently, I am working on Delay Differential Equations trying to develop new methods or algorithms so as to be able to study such systems from the point of view of dynamical systems. At the same time I am finishing a master in Informatics with the speciality of advanced computing which is expected to be useful for my PhD thesis.

I was the first ranked in the two Bachelor’s degree and in the Master’s degree that I have already finished. Concretely, I obtained the Bachelor’s degree in Mahematics, the Bachelor’s degree in Computer science and software engineering and the Master’s degree in Advanced mathematics at the University of Barcelona.

My PhD thesis subject started in the MSc thesis. However, the BSc thesis was about approximations of invariant curves of diffeomorphims. In both cases my supervisor was the current one.

My research interests are

  • Delay Differential Equations
  • Automatic Differentiation
  • Computer assisted proofs
  • Computational dynamical systems

Selected publications