Complementary Training

Complementary Training

This is a series of training modules addressed to the young researchers in the community, trying to help you develop complementary and transferable skills. This will include Communication/Presentation to diverse audiences, Fundraising and Proposal writing, and Knowledge Transfer Basics. These sessions are taught by BGSMath faculty or by external lecturers and often include hands-on activities.

Additionally our mentoring sessions  consist of meetings in order to be able to meet mathematicians who have delevoped a successful carreer and learn from their experience.




Training Session on Open Science and Open Access

This training session aims to provide an introduction to the concepts and historical background into Open Science, as well as the diverse routes to guarantee Open Access and contribute to research open Data. We will finish by presenting the CRM Repository.

Introduction to Functional Data Analysis with R

This course offers an introduction to FDA and presents some of the R libraries oriented to this type of data. Course organized by Servei d’Estadística Aplicada with the support of the BGSMath, through the ”María de Maeztu” Programme for Units of Excellence in R&D”.

Fundraising module (Session 1)

The first of a series of training modules addressed to the young researchers, to develop complementary and transferable skills.

What does a quant do? BGSMath seminar at UB

Quants, short for quantitative analysts, are persons who apply and develop mathematical or statistical methods in the context of problems in finance or risk…

Dr. Joan Bruna

This is the first of a series of meetings addressed to BGSMath master and Ph.D. students and young researchers…