The BGSMath Colloquium is an event that takes place twice every academic year at Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC). It usually consists of some introductory part about the BGSMath News, followed by one or more mathematical talks given by prestigious mathematicians.



BGSMath María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence 2015-2019: Closing Workshop

The BGSMath/MdM excellence program finishes this year. To celebrate this success story we organize in June 6, 2019 a workshop highlighting the most relevant scientific results obtained within the program in the main research areas of BGSMath. We invite all BGSMAth faculty, students and friends to participate in this event. 

Topological vistas in neuroscience

What does topology have to do the Blue Brain Project? Professor Kathryn Hess Bellwald will explain the results obtained in this collaboration

Hyper-Kähler geometry

UPC-BGSMath Colloquium.
Speaker: Claire Voisin, Còllege de France
Registration required

How does the heat equation explore geometric and functional inequalities?

The BGSMath Colloquium – Fall 2016 presents Michel Ledoux’s (Université de Toulouse) research: As is classical, the heat equation is a parabolic partial differential equation that describes the distribution of heat (or variation in temperature) in a given region over time.

Jornada Científica BGSMath

In June 8 took place the annual BGSMath Scientific Meeting. The external members of the Advisory Scientific Committee will be present at the meeting.

Rational points on elliptic curves

BGSMATH COLLOQUIUM – FALL 2015. After presenting the current news about BGSMath, a lecture given by Henri Darmon (McGill University).