Robert Cardona Aguilar

at BGSMath - UPC
Research area: Geometry / Dynamical Systems

PhD Advisors: Eva Miranda


I studied both my bachelor and master in Mathematics at UPC. In both academic titles I did my theses with Eva Miranda, and that developed my interest in the geometric theory of Dynamical Systems. This includes symplectic, singular symplectic and Poisson geometry. I decided to start my PhD on these fields under Eva's supervision.

Selected publications

R. Cardona, E. Miranda. Integrable systems and closed one forms. J. Geom. Phys. 131 (2018), 204–209.

R. Cardona, E. Miranda. On the volume elements of a manifold with transverse zeroes. Preprint (2018) arXiv:1812.03800v3 .

R.Cardona, E.Miranda and D.Peralta-Salas. Euler flows and singular geometric structures. Preprint (2019) arXiv:1902.00039 .