Joaquim Bruna

PhD in Mathematics from UAB (1978)
Research areas: Analysis

I obtained my degree in Mathematics in 1975 at UB and finished my Ph.D. Thesis at UAB in 1978 under the supervision of Joan Cerdà. After postdoctoral positions in France and in the US I came back to UAB, where I am presently professor at the Mathematics Department.

I was awarded by the Catalan government the “Distinció per a la Recerca Universitària” on 2000 and the “Medalla Narcís Monturiol” on 2012. I am fellow of the Reial Acadèmia de Ciències I Arts de Barcelona.

My main scientific achievements touch upon the fields of Harmonic Analysis and Several Complex Variables,  both published in Annals of Mathematics. Since 1998 I am heavily involved  in research management,  having served as director of the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM) from 2007 to 2015.

Research lines

  • Real Analysis
  • Function theiory in one and several variables
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Global Analysis
  • Mathematical aspects of signal processing
  • Mathematical Consultancy

Selected publications

  • J. Bruna-J. Girbau, Mapping properties of the laplacian in Sobolev spaces of forms on complete hyperbolic manifolds, Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, vol. 25 (2004), 151—176.
  • J. Bruna-A. Olevskii-A. Ulanovskii, Completeness of discrete translates in L1(R), Revista Matematica IberoAmericana, 22(2006), 1—16.
  • J. Bruna, On translation and affine systems spanning L1(R), Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 12(2006), 71—82.
  • J. Bruna-J. Cufí, Complex Analysis, EMS Publishing House textbooks, 2013.
  • J. Bruna-J. Cufí-H.Führ-M. Miró, Characterizing Abelian Admissible groups, Journal of Geometric Analysis, 25(2015), 1045-1074.