Geometric function theory in fluid mechanics

Geometric function theory in fluid mechanics


2 – 20 July 2018.


3 weeks


Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
University of Barcelona (UB)


22/03/18: financial support applications
30/04/18: short talk applications
15/06/18: registration

We are holding a research program on “Geometric function theory in fluid mechanics”. Our objective is to put together two communities apparently disconnected, and settle common interests and goals.

The program includes several events that will happen both at the UAB campus and at the UB historical building.

There will be chance for all researchers to present their works in a short talk. Also, the organization will offer housing support to some talented PhD students and young researchers so they can stay in Barcelona for the whole duration of the program. An application is required for both short talks and housing support. Time for applications will start sometime during the fall 2017, together with the registration period.

Scientific Committee

Kari Astala (Aalto University)
Xavier Cabré (ICREA – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BGSMath)
John B. Garnett (UCLA)
Taoufik Hmidi (Université de Rennes)

Organising Committee

Albert Clop (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – BGSMath)
Jordi Marzo (Universitat de Barcelona – BGSMath)
Albert Mas (Universitat de Barcelona – BGSMath)


Registration is free of charge, and will start sometime during the fall 2017. In the meanwhile, if you want to be updated when registration starts, please fill this form.


There is an increasing demand on the visualization of the interplay between mathematics and other sciences. The interaction between mathematics and biology has had an explosion since the genomic era of this millenium when sequencing of genomes has become possible and computers are filled with biological data. This BGSMath monthly program is the chance to make this interplay visible even from what is usually known as “pure mathematics” point of view and to benefit from the top level bioinformatics community in Barcelona. Phylogenetics is the study of ancestral relationships among species. Its interest relies not only on the study of the evolutionary processes that led to the living (current?) species, but also on the direct relation to genomics (comparative genomics) and in emerging fields such as traceability of cancer cells.

This program does not only look for interdisciplinary applications of mathematics, but it also seeks for intradisciplinary interactions. Although it is more or less known that statistics, probability, computation, differential equations and algorithmics play an important role in biology, biostatistics and bioinformatics, it is probably less evident that areas like combinatorics, geometry and algebra can also interact with biology. Combinatorics has always been an important part of phylogenetics, specially since the use of networks has shown to be relevant in this field. Algebra and geometry have showed up in phylogenetics via the new discipline “algebraic statistics”.

Planning and schedule
July 2nd to 6th, 2018 Course by Taoufik Hmidi (5h) UAB campus
Course by Filippo Santambrogio (5h) UAB campus
July 9th to 13th, 2018 Course by Laszlo Székelyhidi Jr (5h) UB historical building
Conference UB historical building
July 16th to 20th, 2018 Course by Tadeusz Iwaniec (5h) UAB campus
Course by Stanislav Hencl (5h) UAB campus
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