Application deadline

31 January 2018

Expected starting date

1 September 2018

The Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics opens a call for two “Banco de Santander – María de Maetzu” postdoctoral positions, one position to work on Dynamical Systems, and one position to work on Probability, Statistics and/or Computer Science. The fellowships will be funded by Banco Santander S.A., via Santander Universities, through the framework agreement signed with the consortium Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), managing entity of the BGSMath-Maria de Maeztu Unit of Excellence.

The researcher(s) will be offered a temporary contract by Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, as beneficiary of the Santander-BGSMath agreement. S/He will be hosted by one of the BGSMath research groups participating at the MdM Unit of Excellence (groups at the UAB, UB, UPC or CRM, please check here). Each fellow will be mentored by a senior researcher at the hosting group.


For any question:


Managing Center

Requirements for applying
  • PhD obtained between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2015. The official date of the degree is considered to be the defense and approval date of the PhD thesis.
  • In the case of applicants with disabilities, the PhD degree could have been obtained between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2015.
  • Career breaks will be taken into account to extend the lower date limit for obtaining the PhD degree. The career breaks can be due to family care or sick leave. These breaks should have taken place between 1 January 2012 and 17 January 2018 (as stated in article 74.3.b of BOE of 7 December 2017).
  • A minimum of 1 year of research work experience as PhD or postdoc outside BGSMath.

NOTE: Candidates who have previously been recipient of Juan de la Cierva Incorporación or Ramón y Cajal grants are not eligible.

Requested documentation
  • Application form (online) with contact data and personal information
  • CV (max. 3 pages without publications)
  • A list of publications
  • A motivation letter (1 page max), detailing: a) Motivation for joining BGSMath, b) List of potential hosting research groups and, c) Previous contacts / collaborations with BGSMath groups, and d) how this appointment will fit with his/her career goals
  • Research proposal (max 4 pages) including: a) Title and summary, b) State-of-the-art and objectives, and c) Scientific approach, methodology and timescale
  • Copy of PhD certificate
  • Evidence proving one year of research work experience outside BGSMath member organizations. PhD can suffice, or scanned postdoctoral contract.
  • Name, affiliation and email of two members of academic institutions able to provide a letter of reference for the candidate. Please inform potential referees that letters will be requested by 1 February 2018 (mail will be sent automatically by the online evaluation platform, so it is advisable that they check their SPAM mailboxes), and they will need to be uploaded no later than 7 February 2018.
  • Evidence proving any career break. Career breaks to be accepted are due to full-time maternity/paternity leave; taking care of a first-degree relative in a situation covered by the Law 39/2006 of 14 December for a minimum of three months, or serious illness or accident suffered by the applicant, implying a medical leave equal to or exceeding three months.

NOTE: All the requested documentation should be uploaded as one single PDF file (max. size 10MB). Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Two-year position (full-time; 37.5 hour working week).
Expected starting date is 1 September 2018.

Gross salary: 26,250 €/year

Research funds: Up to 2,000 euros/year.

Medical insurance: Medical coverage for fellow and family through Spanish public health system

Evaluation and selection process

Following an eligibility check carried out by the BGSMath, the scientific evaluation will be done by ANEP (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva) together with BGSMath. Each application will be evaluated by one expert proposed by the BGSMath and another proposed by ANEP.

Proposals will be evaluated and scored according to the following criteria:

        Candidate’s curricular merits 0-50.

  • Contributions. 0 – 25. The relevance and contribution of the candidate will be positively taken into account in articles published in scientific journals, books or chapters from scientific and technical books, papers presented at conferences, patents granted or licensed, and, in general, any other input on which to assess the different aspects of research, including technology transfer.
  • Internationalization 0–20.  Direct participation in actions related to international programs and projects will be positively taken into account, especially related to doctoral and postdoctoral international mobility programs, as well as publications, participation or funding of projects and contracts in international collaboration.
  • Other curricular merits 0–5. Among other items, awards, mentions and distinctions will be positively taken into account, scientific dissemination activities and any other contributions which would allow the assessment of the merits in research not included in the preceding paragraphs.

        Impact of the project on the R&D activity of the María de Maeztu unit: 0-50

  • Contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program will be assessed. The main objectives of the program are: Excellence in research, Doctoral and postdoctoral training, Internationalization, Knowledge transfer, and Outreach and dissemination.

After the evaluation, BGSMath will provide Banco Santander with a prioritized list of candidates. Banco Santander is the ultimate responsible in the final selection of candidates. Successful applicants will receive an email offering the position.

Governance and Administration

CRM and BGSMath will provide the successful candidate with the facilities, material and training resources necessary for the proper development of his/her work, and will grant them the rights and benefits enjoyed by their other postdoctoral fellows.

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