BGSMath’s Faculty members Martínez-Seara and Guardia win ICREA Acadèmia Award

Mathematicians Marcel Guardia and Maria Teresa Martínez-Seara will be able to intensify their research for five years as a result of becoming part of the ICREA Acadèmia program.

The BGSMath community celebrates that BGSMath Faculty members and UPC Professors María Teresa Martínez-Seara and her former student Marcel Guardia-Munarriz both being awarded an ICREA Acadèmia Award.

“On behalf of the BGSMath, it is my great pleasure to congratulate both recipients”, says BGSMath Director Marta Sanz-Solé. “Catalan mathematics is becoming an international reference point, and this prestigious award is just the latest acknowledgement of this continued success”, she concludes.

“I take this award as recognition of all the research I have been conducting throughout the last few years”, says Martínez-Seara. “I’m also especially proud that I could do this while raising three kids: I hope this is encouraging for all young female researchers who believe that achieving work-life balance is too difficult for those working in research and academia”, she adds.

Besides being a BGSMath Faculty member and Professor at the UPC, María Teresa Martínez-Seara heads the UPC Dynamical System Group, where she studies invariant manifolds, their regularity, their intersections and the consequences these have on a system’s dynamics. Her major achievements are in the study of instabilities in integrable systems with small perturbations.

Marcel Guardia, who has also been recently awarded an ERC Starting Grant, also works in the field of Dynamical Systems. “ICREA Acadèmia will help me to continue studying instabilities in Hamiltonian systems, both in celestial mechanics problems and in Hamiltonian PDE – Partial Differential Equations”, he says.

The ICREA Academia programme was launched in 2008 by the Catalan Government (Generalitat) with the aim of contributing to the intensification of the research carried out by university professors who are in a fully active and expansive phase of their research careers. The winners of the ICREA Academia award, all of them professors at Catalonia’s public universities, receive a substantial research grant for a period of five years. The total number of ICREA Academia awards to date is 224. Among them are four BGSMath members: Irene Arias, Marino Arroyo, Eva Miranda, and Pètia Radeva.

On top of that, BGSMath has nine more “ICREA Research Professors” within its ranks. They are: Tomás Alcarcón, Xavier Cabré, Constantin Dyakonov, Albert Guillén, Gábor Lugosi, Omiros Papaspiliopoulous, Martín Sombra, Sergey Tikhonov, and Xavier Tolsa.




Marcel Guardia

Associate professor at UPC

María Teresa Martínez-Seara

Full professor at UPC
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