Konstantin Dyakonov

Full professor at UB
Research area: Analysis

PhD in Mathematics obtained at St. Petersburg State University (1991)


Current position: ICREA Research Professor at the University of Barcelona (since 2006).
Some of the previous positions: St. Petersburg University of Electrical Engineering, associate professor (1992-1998); Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St. Petersburg, senior researcher (1998-2007); Universitat de Barcelona, Ramón y Cajal researcher (2003-2006).

Research lines

  • Spaces of analytic functions
  • Invariant subspaces
  • Smoothness classes
  • Toeplitz and Hankel operators

Selected publications

  • K. M. Dyakonov, Wronskians and deep zeros of holomorphic functions, Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées 99 (2013), 668–684.
  • K. M. Dyakonov, Zeros of analytic functions, with or without multiplicities, Mathematische Annalen 352 (2012), 625–641.
  • K. M. Dyakonov, Toeplitz operators and arguments of analytic functions, Mathematische Annalen 344 (2009), 353–380.
  • K. M. Dyakonov, Self-improving behaviour of inner functions as multipliers, Journal of Functional Analysis 240 (2006), 429–444.
  • K. M. Dyakonov, Holomorphic functions and quasiconformal mappings with smooth moduli, Advances in Mathematics 187 (2004), 146–172.