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September 2018 - Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics Newsletter


Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

CAFE will train 12 young scientists to tackle extreme weather events

BGSMath Faculty member Álvaro Corral, who also heads the Complex Systems Group at CRM, will be leading an international partnership training 12 brilliant young researchers who will advance climate change science with a new interdisciplinary approach. “Extreme weather events are increasing as a consequence of climate change. To limit their catastrophic consequences, we need to learn how to model complex systems,” he says.

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Alessio Figalli Xavier Ros Oton

Fields Medals 2018

“This guy will win a Fields Medal”

One of this year's Field Medalists has a strong bond with Catalan mathematicians. BGSMath alumnus Xavi Ros - Oton worked with Alessio Figalli while a postdoctoral fellow at UT Austin. Just a few days after he was awarded the prestigious distinction, we asked him to share with Penta readers what makes Alessio a very special person and a great mathematician.

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Xavier Ros Oton

Meet the partial differential equations tamer

The European Research Council awarded the Catalan mathematician Xavier Ros-Oton (University of Zurich) with an ERC Starting Grant. Xavier was in Barcelona in April. Penta met him and asked him for some advice. And no, you do not need to be a genius to be a good mathematician.

Xavier Ros
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Maryna Viazovska

Women in Rio

Maryna Viazovska, the mathematician who could have won

BGSMath's Eva Miranda wrote an op/ed in the Café con teoremas section in El País about Maryna Viazovska, an Ucranian mathematician who, in 2016, solved the sphere-packing problem in dimension 24. She could (and should) have been one of the 2018 Field Medalists, writes Miranda. But it's not too late.

Read Eva's op/ed (in Spanish)


travelling salesman

Intensive Research Programme

The geometry that solves everyday problems...

Researchers who, allegedly, “cannot distinguish between a donut and a cup,” and who work on the old Travelling Salesman problem joined UPC and BGSMath Faculty members Vera Sacristán and Rodrigo Silvera this spring for an Intensive Research Programme focussed on Discrete, Combinatorial and Computational Geometry.

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Geometric funtion theory in fluido dynamics

Monthly Programme

... and the geometry function theory in fluid mechanics

UB and UAB professors Albert Clop, Jordi Marzo and Albert Mas gathered an international group of experts in "Geometric Function Theory in Fluid Dynamics" for a Monthly Program at the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM). They spent three weeks in Barcelona to share experiences in two different research fields and to enjoy top-level lectures.

Pictures The event


Kathryn Hess Natalia Castellana

Spring Colloquium

The topologist who helps biologists to analyse the brain

Kathryn Hess Bellwald was in Barcelona this spring for a Colloquium at the UAB, invited by BGSMath Faculty member & UAB Professor Natàlia Castellana. Topological vistas in neuroscience was an exciting excursion into how math tools can benefit biomedicine. In her case, the Blue Brain Project.

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BGSMath complementary training

Complementary training

Fundraising & writing a research proposal

In July, Project Manager Arantxa Sanz helped young researchers at BGSMath strengthen their skills in securing resources to carry out their research. In 2 two-hour sessions, she showed how to identify funding opportunities and gave them tools to formulate winning proposals. One of the sessions was followed by a hands-on practice to deliver an Individual Fellowship Marie Skłodowska-Curie proposal.

Pictures Full Programme
BGSMath summer internships

Summer internships at BGSMath

Training future mathematicians

Eight enthusiastic young mathematicians from Spain and South America landed in Barcelona in June for the first BGSMath Summer Internship Programme. The goal of this new initiative was to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct summer research projects with senior mathematicians. They worked with scientists from CRM, UPC, and UAB during their four-week stay.



Fracking: a toll for our energy thirst?

AXA Postdoctoral Fellowand BGSMath Faculty member Jordi Baró i Urbea is developing stochastic models that will distinguish between natural seismicity and human-induced seismicity. In this article, he explains howhe hopes to detect, predict, and prevent the seismic hazard related to human activities and minimise their risks.

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The Collider: Innovation inspirational talk

If you think you'd like to innovate but you're not sure how do that, this complementary training talk is for you. Topics will include spin-offs, start-ups, entrepreneur-ship, incubators, and accelerators. The session will end with the opportunity to visit the incubator The Collider. Don't forget to sign up here!
Date: 27 Sep 2018, h. 10.00.

Deadline approaching for 2 postdoctoral calls!

BGSMath currently has two open calls for two postdoctoral positions. One is for a junior postdoctoral positions, and you only have few days left: the dealine is 14 Sep (click here for more info). The other one is funded by Banco Santander, via Santander Universities, through a framework agreement with the CRM. Its deadline is 30 Sep. More info here.
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