Teresa Crespo

Full professor at UB
Research area: Number Theory

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UB


Primary and secondary school: Lycée Français de Barcelone.
Graduate studies and PhD thesis: Faculty of Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona. PhD Thesis supervision: Montserrat Vela, “Álgebras Z/nZ-graduadas y problema de inmersión galoisiana”, Universitat de Barcelona, 1998.
Florian Heiderich, “Galois theory of module fields”, Universitat de Barcelona, 2010.

Current and previous positions

Catedràtic, Dept. d’Àlgebra i Geometria, Universitat de Barcelona: 2009 –
Professor Titular, Dept. d’Àlgebra i Geometria, Universitat de Barcelona: 1990 – 2009
Professor Titular EU, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: 1983 – 1990
Professor Ajudant, Dept. d’Àlgebra i Geometria, Universitat de Barcelona: 1978 – 1983

Prizes, awards, honors and distinctions

Premi extraordinari de doctorat.

Main scientific achievements

Explicit solution of Galois embedding problems; explicit realization of finite groups as differential Galois groups; existence and unicity of real and p-adic Picard-Vessiot fields; construction of Hopf Galois structures.

Research lines

  • Classical Galois theory
  • Differential Galois theory
  • Hopf Galois theory
  • Algebraic number theory

Selected publications

  • T. Crespo, Z. Hajto, M. van der Put: Real and p-adic Picard-Vessiot fields. Math. Ann. 365 (2016),  93–103
  • T. Crespo, A. Rio, M. Vela: Non-isomorphic Hopf Galois structures with isomorphic underlying Hopf algebras, J. Algebra , 422 (2015), 270-276.
  • T. Crespo, Z. Hajto: Algebraic Groups and Differential Galois Theory, Graduate Studies in Mathematics 122, American Mathematical Society, 2011.
  • T. Crespo, Z. Hajto: Picard-Vessiot theory and the Jacobian problem, Israel J. Math., 186 (2011), 401–406.
  • T. Crespo, Z. Hajto: Differential Galois realization of double covers. Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble), 52 (2002), 1017-1025.