Rodrigo Silveira

Lecturer at UPC
Research area: Discrete Mathematics

PhD in Computer Science obtained at Utrecht University


Graduated in Computer Science from Universidad de Buenos Aires, especialized in the fields of discrete and computational geometry. He is particularly interested in the aplication of computational geometry techniques to problems from Geographic Information Science and other application domains. After finishing his PhD from Utrecht University in 2009, Dr. Silveira has been awarded a Rubicon postdoctoral grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, a Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Union, a postdoctoral grant from the Portuguese government, and a 5-year Ramón y Cajal contract from the Spanish government.

Research lines

  • Computational geometry
  • Discrete and combinatorial geometry
  • Graph drawing
  • Algorithms
  • Geographic information science

Selected publications

  • Barba, L.; Korman, M.; Langerman, S.; Sadakane, K.; Silveira, R.I.. Space-time trade-offs for stack-based algorithms. Algorithmica 72(4):1097-1129, 2015.
  • Agarwal, P.K.; Aronov, B.; Van Kreveld, M.; Löffler, M.; Silveira, R.I.. Computing correlation between piecewise-linear functions. SIAM Journal on Computing 42(5): 1867-1887, 2013.
  • Buchin, K.; Buchin, M.; Kreveld, M. van; Löffler, M.; Silveira, R.I.; Wenk, C.; Wiratma, L.. Median trajectories. Algorithmica 66:595-614, 2013.
  • Kreveld, M. van; Silveira, R.I.. Embedding rivers in triangulated irregular networks with linear programming. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 25(4):615-631, 2011.
  • Kreveld, M. van; Löffler, M.; Silveira, R.I.. Optimization for first order Delaunay triangulations. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 43(4):377-394, 2010.