Marc Calvo Schwarzwälder

at CRM
Research area: Mathematical Modelling / Partial Differential Equations


Born in Barcelona, B.Sc. in Mathematics and M.Sc. in Advanced Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering, ranked #1 in the latter. Currently working on my Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in the Centre de Recerca Matemàtica in Barcelona under the supervision of Prof. Timothy G. Myers (UPC,CRM) and Prof. F. Xavier Àlvarez (UAB). The focus of my research is developing mathematical models applied to nanoscale heat transfer and phase change. I also combine research with teaching (UPC, EAE Business School) and giving talks in several universities (e.g. University of Limerick, Strathclyde University) and research centres (e.g. CEMES-CNRS, ICMS).

Selected publications

M. Calvo-Schwarzwälder, M.G. Hennessy, P. Torres, T.G. Myers, F.X. Alvarez. A slip-based model for the size-dependent effective thermal conductivity of nanowires. International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 91: 57-63 (2018)