Juan Carlos Naranjo

PhD in Mathematics from UB (1990)
Research areas: Geometry, Algebra

Degree in Mathematics (BSc) at the University of Barcelona in 1985, Degree Extraordinary Award.
PhD in 1990 under the supervision of Gerald Welters, Doctorate Extraordinay Award.
Assistant professor (1985-1993) at the Departament of Algebra and Geometry (UB).
Associate professor since 1993 at the University of Barcelona.
I have been the advisor of M.A. Barja, M. Lahoz, V, González and M. Sáez.
Vice-dean of the Faculty of Mathematics since 2013.

Research lines

My field of interest is Algebraic Geometry. Especially I focus on Curves, Irregular Surfaces and Abelian Varieties.

Selected publications

  • Naranjo, J.C.: Fourier transform and Prym varieties, Journal für die Reine und Angewandte Mathematik, 560 (2003) 227-238
  • Naranjo, J.C.; Pirola, G.P.: Bounds of the number of rational maps between varieties of general type, American Journal of Mathematics 129 (2007) 1689-1709
  • Barja, M.A.; Lahoz, M.; Naranjo, J.C.; Pareschi, G.: On the bicanonical map of irregular varieties, Journal of Algebraic Geometry 21 (2012) 445-471
  • Collino, A.; Naranjo, J.C.; Pirola, G.P.: The Fano normal function, Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées 98 (2012), 346-366
  • Lahoz, M.; Naranjo, J.C.: Theta-duality on Prym varieties and a Torelli Theorem, Transactions of the AMS, 365 (2013) 5051-5069