Andrei Korobeinikov

Researcher at CRM
Research area: Mathematical Modelling


After completing PhD in Mathematics (2001, University of Auckland) got a Research Fellowship of the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science and Technology; this fellowship was undertaken in the Center for Mathematical Biology at the University of Oxford. In 2004 got an Assosiate Professorship at Hokkaido University (Japan). From 2007 and till 2012, a senior research fellow at MACSI, University of Limerick, Ireland. In 2011 got Ramón y Cajal Fellowship. From May 2012, Leader of the Group of Mathematical Epidemiology at Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM).

Selected publications

  • Korobeinikov and C. Dempsey, A continuous phenotype space model of RNA virus evolution within a host, Math. Biosci.Eng., 11(4), 919-927 (2014)
  • Korobeinikov,Global asymptotic properties of virus dynamics models with dose dependent parasite reproduction and virulence, and nonlinear incidence rate. Mathematical Medicine and Biology, 26 (3), 225–239 (2009)
  • Korobeinikov, Global properties of infectious disease models with non-linear incidence. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 69(6), 1871-1886 (2007)
  • Korobeinikov, Lyapunov functions and global stability for SIR and SIRS epidemiological models with non-linear transmission, Bull. Math.Biol. 68(3), 615-626 (2006)
  • Korobeinikov, Global properties of basic virus dynamics models, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 66(4), 879-883 (2004)