Alejandra Cabaña

Associate professor at UAB
Research area: Statistics

PhD in Mathematics obtained at Universidad Central de Venezuela


I currently work at the Mathematics Department at UAB. Previously I was a Visiting Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, from 2003-2008 I worked at the Statistics Department (EIO) at Universidad de Valladolid. Previously I was Associate Professor at Universidad Simón Bolívar and Researcher at Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (Caracas, Venezuela).
My reseach activity is centered in the field of mathematical statistics. I have published several papers and a book on goodness-of-fit tests based on Transformed Empirical Processes (introduced in Annals of Statistics 22 (1994) and 24 (1996)). I am also interested in modeling aspects of time series, functional data and extremes.

Research lines

  • Empirical processes
  • Goodness-of-fit
  • Time series analysis
  • Extreme values

Selected publications