Joost J. Joosten

Full professor at UB
Research area: Logic

PhD in Foundations of Mathematics/Mathematical Logic obtained at Utrecht University


I did my Masters in Mathematics specializing in mathematical logic at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam. After that, I did a PhD at Utrecht University and various post-doc stays in Prague, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Seville, Elche, Seville and currently in Barcelona. I intertwined these activities with various other professional activities like spending two years in risk management at the head-quarters of ABN-AMRO bank in Amsterdam.

Research lines

I pursue three main lines of research: formalized interpretability, Ordinal analysis via Turing progressions and Empirical mining of the computational universe, but the second of these clearly receives the most attention. Currently we are developing the necessary tools to take this project far beyond the current state of the art.

Selected publications

  • J. Joosten. Turing jumps through provability. Lecture Notes in Computer Sci- ence, 9136, Evolving Computability, -11th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2015, Bucharest, Romania, A. Beckmann, V. Mitrana and M. I. Soskova, editors, Springer pages 216-225, 2015
  • D. Fernández-Duque, and J. J. Joosten. Well orders in the transfinite Japaridze algebra. Logic Journal of the Interest Group in Pure and Applied Logic, 22 (6), pages 933–963, 2014
  • L. D. Beklemishev, D. Fernández-Duque, and J. J. Joosten. On provability logics with linearly ordered modalities. Studia Logica, 102(3), pages 541–566, 2014
  • D. Fernández-Duque, and J. J. Joosten. Hyperations, Veblen progressions and transfinite iteration of ordinal functions. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 164 (7,8), pages 785–801, 2013
  • D. Fernández-Duque, and J. J. Joosten. Models of transfinite provability logic. Journal of Symbolic Logic, 78(2), pages 543-561, 2013