Simone Balocco

Simone Balocco

Simone Balocco
PhD in Acoustic from University of Lyon 1, Lyon, France
and PhD in Electronic system design, from University of Florence
Associate professor (Profesor Agregat interí) at University of Barcelona

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I am associate professor of the University of Barcelona and senior researcher at the Computer Vision Center. I obtained in 2006 a PhD degree in Acoustics at the laboratory Creatis , University Lyon1, Lyon (France) and contemporaneous Ph.D. in Electronic and Telecommunication in MSD Lab, University of Florence (Italy). I graduated as Electronic Engineer at the Politecnic of Turin in 2003. To date, I supervised two PhD students, graduated cum laude. I am author or co-author of 14 journal papers, 3 patents and many conference publications. I was the organizer of the MICCAI stent workshop 2013-2014-2015,  and  guest  editor  of  the  Computerized  in  Medical  Imaging  and Graphics special issue about Computer Assisted Stenting.


Research Interests

  • Medical Imaging
  • Machine Learning
  • Biomechanics
  • Image processing


Selected publications

  • G. Blasco, S. Balocco, J. Puig, J. Sánchez-González, W. Ricart, J. Daunis-I-Estadella, X. Molina, S. Pedraza, JM. Fernández-Real. Carotid pulse wave velocity by magnetic resonance imaging is increased in middle-aged subjects with the metabolic syndrome. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging. 2014 Nov 26.
  • G. Zahnd; S. Balocco; A. Sérusclat; P. Moulin; M. Orkisz; D. Vray. Progressive attenuation of the longitudinal kinetics in the common carotid artery: preliminary in vivo assessment. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Volume 41, Issue 1, Pages 339–345   July 27, 2014.
  • C. Butakoff, S. Balocco, F. M. Sukno, C. Hoogendoorn, C. Tobon-Gomez, G. Avegliano, A. F. Frangi. Left-ventricular Epi- and Endocardium Extraction from 3D Ultrasound Images Using an Automatically Constructed 3D ASM. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization  (2014) 10.1080/21681163.2014.910703.
  • S. Balocco, C. Gatta, F. Ciompi, A. Wahle, P. Radeva, S. Carlier, G. Unal, E. Sanidas , J. Mauri, X. Carillo, T. Kovarnik, C. Wang, H. Chen, T. P. Exarchos, D. I. Fotiadis, F. Destrempes, G. Cloutier, O. Pujol , M. Alberti, E. G. Mendizabal-Ruiz, M. Rivera, T. Aksoy, R. W. Downe, I. A. Kakadiaris. Standardized evaluation methodology and reference database for evaluating IVUS image segmentation. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 2014 Mar; 38 (2) : 70 – 90
  • M. Alberti, S. Balocco, X. Carrillo, J. Mauri and P. Radeva. Automatic non-rigid temporal alignment of IVUS sequences: method and quantitative validation. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. 2013 Sep; 39 (9) : 1698 – 712.