Santiago Boza

Santiago Boza

Santiago Boza
PhD in Mathematics from University of Barcelona
Associate Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya



Member of the Real and Functional Analysis Research Group of the University of Barcelona (GARF).
Currently supported by the following research grants:
Function Spaces and Boundedness of Operators Methods in Analysis. MTM2013-40985. Principal Researcher: María J. Carro/Javier Soria.
Function Theory Network. 2014SGR289. Principal Researcher: Carme Cascante.


Research Interests

  • Real and Functional Analysis
  • Harmonic Analysis


Selected publications

  • Isometries on and monotone functions, (joint work with Javier Soria). Math. Nach. 287 (2014), 160-172.
  • Factorization of sequences in discrete Hardy spaces. Studia Math. 209 (2012), 53-69.
  • Solution to a conjecture on the norm of the Hardy operator minus the Identity, (joint work with Javier Soria). J. Funct. Anal. 260 (2011), 1020-1028.
  • Weighted Hardy modular inequalities in variable spaces for decreasing functions, (joint work with Javier Soria). J.Math. Anal. Appl. 348 (2008), 383-388.
  • Equivalent expressions for norms in classical Lorentz spaces, (joint work with J.Martín). Forum Math. 17 (2005), 361-373.