Amalfi Analytics, spin off from LARCA-UPC group is launched

On 1st June 2017, UPC has officially endorsed the launch of Amalfi Analytics ( ), first spin off born out of the activities of a BGSMath group. Amalfi Analytics S.L is co-founded by prof. Ricard Gavaldá (UPC/BGSMath), who is the scientific leader of the company.

Amalfi Analytics arises from the research corpus developed by the LARCA ( group, a laboratory at the UPC Computer Science Department. Amalfi applies machine learning, natural language processing and other advanced data science techniques to deliver analysis tools and platforms able to optimize healthcare management.

Using intelligent algorithms to mine enormous stores of structured and unstructured data will enable better clinical decision making whereas ensuring healthcare sustainability. First projects by Amalfi have addressed the forecast of hospital admission rates – leading to more efficient deployment of resources and better patient outcomes, as well as optimization of complex diseases management, by means of profile identification. Potential customers are healthcare providers at large, with a particular focus on national and regional health services.