1st BGSMath Data Science Workshop. February 22, 2017

The 1st BGSMath Data Science Workshop aims to bring together the internal practitioners in the area across the Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics, as well as those working in related fields and/or other local organizations, to discuss ongoing research and strengthen the links of a growing network.

World-class guest speakers will also join the programme, to review their latest results, discuss with colleagues and inspire early-career researchers.

The workshop will become a regular staple in the BGSMath Events calendar. In this edition, it will be complemented by an “users” session, in which companies and research centres from a  variety of sectors (Bio/health, finance, communications) will put forward their data challenges and how they are trying to solve them to the BGSMath experts. The session aims fostering collaborations and improve talent attraction schemes.

There is no registration fee but registration is mandatory for participating in the workshop.

There will a poster session for contributions that have been previously accepted at an international scientific event during 2016 or 2017.

Participants willing to present a poster should provide a title and abstract in the registration page.



Location: IEC, carrer del Carme, 47. Barcelona.




Institut d'Estudis Catalans