Sergi Baena

at UB
Research area: Analysis / Computer Science

PhD Advisors: María Jesús Carro Rosell


In June 2016 I obtained my Bachelor degree in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona. During my bachelor degree studies I focused my interests on topics related to Algebraic Geometry, where I get a mention doing my Bachelor's Thesis. On the other side, during the course 2016-2017 and the first semester of the course 2017-2018, I did the Master in Advanced Mathematics at the UB, where I focused on topics related with analysis. Moreover, during the last year of my bachelor's degree and the first year of my master, I was working in a company of 3D CAD/CAM software modeling, which I had to give up due to I got a collaboration grand with the IMUB. Currently, I am a PhD student at UB under the supervision of María Jesús Carro Rosell with a FPI grand. Our ongoing research is based on studying the boundedness of multilinear operators under some hypothesis.

Selected publications