Roisin Dempsey Braddell

at UPC
Research area: Dynamical Systems / Geometry

Funding source: GENCAT (Eva Miranda's ICREA Academia)
PhD Advisors: Amadeu Delshamsm, Eva Miranda


I obtained my bachelor in Trinity College Dublin. I had a strong interest in physics and in geometric mechanics. I did a brief stint in the world of physics for a while, doing among other things, an investigation of magnetic transitions in the alloy iron rhodium the ETH, Zurich. Deciding to return to the geometric part of geometric mechanics, I returned to do my masters, which I did as part of the Algant program in the University of Padua and the University of Bordeaux.

I am currently a PhD student at the UPC Barcelona under the supervision of Amadeu Delshams and Eva Miranda. I retain an interest in geometric mechanics attempting, amongst other things, to apply the theory of singular symplectic structures to celestial mechanics. I also investigate symmetries of these singular objects.

Selected publications

An Invitation to Singular Symplectic Geometry  - Roisin Braddell, Amadeu Delshams, Eva Miranda, Cédric Oms, Arnau Planas

Strain-induced structural instability in FeRh - Ulrich Aschauer, Roisin Braddell, Sonia A. Brechbühl, Peter M. Derlet, Nicola A. Spaldin