Óscar Rivero

at UPC
Research area: Number Theory

Funding source: Private (La Caixa)
PhD Advisors: Victor Rotger


I was born in Xinzo de Limia (Galicia) in 1994. I did my undergraduate studies at CFIS (UPC), where I obtained a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Physical Engineering (2016). I later did the Master in Advanced Mathematics at the same university (2017). In September 2017, I began my PhD at UPC under the supervision of Victor Rotger (grant from La Caixa). I was visiting Princeton University during May and June 2018.

My research interests are concerned with p-adic methods in number theory: Euler systems, Iwasawa theory, exceptional zeros, p-adic L-functions, rationality conjectures.

Selected publications

O. Rivero and V. Rotger. Derived Beilinson-Flach elements and the aritmetic of the adjoint of a modular forms. (2018), submitted.