Laura Costa

Associate professor at UB
Research area: Algebra / Geometry

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UB


2000-2001: Postdoctoral Fellow at Université Nice Sophia Antípolis
1999-2000: Postdoctoral fellow at Università di Firenze.
1995-1998: Research Fellow at Universitat de Barcelona.

Main scientific achievements

My main scientific achievement is the proof of rationality of some moduli spaces of stable vector bundles on rational surfaces (joint work with R.M. Miró-Roig) as well as the classification of vector bundles on algebraic surfaces with certain cohomological properties.

Research lines

  • Moduli spaces of stable vector bundles on algebraic varieties
  • ACM and Ulrich bundles
  • Derived categories of coherent sheaves
  • Existence of low rank vector bundles on higher dimensional varieties

Selected publications

  • Costa; G. Ottaviani, Nondegenerate multidimensional matrices and instanton bundles, Transactions of AMS, 355 (2003) 49-55.
  • Costa; R.M. Miró-Roig, Tilting sheaves on toric varieties, Math. Z., 248 (2004), 849-865.
  • Costa; R.M. Miró-Roig, Brill-Noether theory for moduli spaces of sheaves on algebraic varieties, Forum Math. 22 (2010), 411-432.
  • Costa, R.M. Miró-Roig, J. Pons-Llopis, The representation type of Segre varieties, Advances in Math. 230 (2012) 1995-2013.
  • Costa, R.M. Miró-Roig, GL(V)-invariant Ulrich bundles on Grassmannians, Math. Ann. 361, 443-457 (2015).