Jordi Villanueva

Associate professor at UPC
Research area: Dynamical Systems

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UPC


I received my PhD in mathematics from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya under the supervision of Prof. Àngel Jorba.

Research lines

  • KAM Theory for Hamiltonian Systems and Symplectic Maps.
  • Numerical Methods in Dynamical Systems.

Selected publications

  • A new Approach to the Parameterization Method for Lagrangian Tori of Hamiltonian Systems, J. Villanueva, Journal of Nonlinear Science, 27 (2017), pp. 495-530.
  • Quasi-Periodic Frequency Analysis using Averaging-Extrapolation Methods, A. Luque, J. Villanueva, SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 13 (2014) pp. 1-46.
  • Kolmogorov Theorem Revisited, J, Villanueva, Journal of Differential Equations 244 (2008) pp. 2251-2276.
  • KAM Theory without Action-Angle Variables, R. de la Llave, A. González-Enríquez, À. Jorba, J. Villanueva, Nonlinearity 18 (2005) pp. 855-895.
  • Normal-Internal Resonances in Quasi-Periodically Forced Oscillators: a Conservative Approach, H. Broer, H. Hanßmann, À. Jorba, J. Villanueva, F. Wagener, Nonlinearity 16 (2003) pp. 1751-1791.