Francesc Bars

Associate professor at UAB
Research area: Number Theory

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UAB


Associate Professor at UAB since 2008.
Pre-doc position at Münster University, in C. Deninger team, between 1998-2000.
Prize Evariste Galois 1998 from Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques, IEC, Catalonia.
Coorganizer of a research programm on Arithmetic Geometry at CRM, Bellaterra, 2009-10.

Research lines

  • L-functions
  • Iwasawa theory
  • Drinfeld modules
  • Arithmetic of curves of lower genus and modular curves

Selected publications

  • Francesc Bars: Bielliptic modular curves. J. Number Theory 76 (1999), no. 1, 154—165.
  • Francesc Bars and Ignazio Longhi: Coleman’s power series and Wiles’ reciprocity for Drinfeld modules. Journal of Number Theory 129, No.4, 789-805 (2009).
  • Francesc Bars: On the Tamagawa number conjecture for Hecke characters. Math. Nachr. 284 (2011), no. 5-6, 608–628.
  • Andrea Bandini, Francesc Bars, Ignazio Longhi: Characteristic ideals and Iwasawa theory. New York Journal of Mathematics, vol. 20 (2014), 759-778.
  • Bruno Anglès, Andrea Bandini, Francesc Bars, Ignazio Longhi: Iwasawa main conjecture for the Carlitz cyclotomic extension and applications. Arxiv 2015.