Enric Nart

Full professor at UAB
Research area: Number Theory

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UAB


Born in 1954

Research lines

  • Algebraic number theory
  • Curves and abelian varieties over finite fields
  • Computational arithmetic geometry

Selected publications

  • E. Howe, E. Nart, C. Ritzenthaler; Jacobians in isogeny classes of abelian surfaces over finite fields. Annales de l’Institut Fourier, 59 (2009), 239-289
  • E.Nart; Counting hyperelliptic curves. Advances in Mathematics, 221 (2009), 774-787
  • J. Guàrdia, J. Montes, E. Nart; Newton polygons of higher order in algebraic number theory. Transactions of the AMS, 364 (2012), 361-416
  • J. Guàrdia, J. Montes, E. Nart; A new computational approach to ideal theory in number fields. Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 13 (2013), 729-762
  • E. Nart; Local computation of differents and discriminants. Mathematics of Computation, 83 (2014), 1513-1534