Eduard Roure

at UB
Research area: Analysis

Funding source: ES (FPU)
PhD Advisors: María Jesús Carro Rossell, Carlos Pérez Moreno


My research is focused on multi-variable operators in the setting of weighted Lorentz spaces.

Some of the recent results obtained include bounds for maximal operators, sparse operators, Calderón-Zygmund operators, and fractional operators. Sparse domination techniques are extremely useful to deduce this type of bounds, but they are not always available. To overcome this fact, I have been working on a multi-variable extension of the restricted weak type Rubio de Francia's extrapolation theory.

Selected publications

Roure, Eduard; Travesa, Artur: Two independent checkings of the weak Goldbach conjecture up to 10^27. Exp. Math. 25 (2016), no. 1, 79--82.

Carro, María J.; Roure, Eduard: Weighted boundedness of the 2-fold product of Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators. Math. Nachr. 291 (2018), no. 8-9, 1208--1215.