Daniel Gil Muñoz

at UPC
Research area: Number Theory / Algebra

PhD Advisors: Anna Rio Doval & María Teresa Crespo Vicente


I did my bachelor's degree from September 2012 to July 2016 in the University of Malaga. My final degree thesis was about number rings and my advisor was professor María de los Ángeles Gómez Molleda (UMA). After that, I moved to Barcelona to do the Master in Advanced Mathematics in the University of Barcelona. I finished my master's degree in September 2017 with the presentation of my final master thesis, with title "Explicit Class Field Theory with Elliptic Curves" and under the supervision of professor Xavier Guitart Morales (UB).

I have been graduate student in the UPC since February 2018, with the support of a FPI-UPC grant, under the supervision of professors Anna Rio Doval (UPC) and María Teresa Crespo Vicente (UB). My PhD thesis is about arithmetic applications of Hopf Galois theory, a generalization of Galois theory by means of the use of Hopf algebras. My research interests concern algebraic number theory, abstract algebra, arithmetic geometry and algebraic geometry.

Selected publications