Cédric Oms

at UPC
Research area: Geometry

PhD in obtained at
Funding source: Other (ICREA Academia of Eva Miranda)


I obtained my PhD thesis in October 2020 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Eva Miranda and I am currently a postdoc and member of the Laboratory of Geometry and Dynamical Systems, unofficially named b-Lab.

My research interests are symplectic and contact geometry with singularities and its application to problems in classical mechanics.

Selected publications

An Invitation to Singular Symplectic Geometry, published in International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics, Vol. 16, No. supp01 (2019), with R. Braddell, A. Delshams, E. Miranda, A. Planas.

The geometry and topology of contact structures with singularities, with E. Miranda, submitted for publication.

Do overtwisted contact manifolds admit infinitely many periodic Reeb orbits?, to appear in Extended Abstract, Birkhäuser.

The singular Weinstein conjecture with E. Miranda, submitted for publication.

On the singular Weinstein conjecture and the existence of escape orbits for $b$-Beltrami fields, with E. Miranda and D. Peralta--Salas, submitted for publication.