Carlos Cruz

at UB
Research area: Analysis

Funding source: Other (APIF)
PhD Advisors: Xavier Massaneda and Joaquim Ortega Cerdà


I am currently an APIF fellow at UB working under supervision of Prof. Xavier Massaneda and Prof. Joaquim Ortega Cerdà. The branch of mathematics I study is complex analysis. In particular, my research focuses on studying sampling and interpolation problems in different spaces of holomorphic functions as the space of polynomials over the Riemann sphere or the Fock space over the N-dimensional complex space.
I have a degree in Mathematics from the University of La Laguna (Canary Islands) and a Master's degree in Advanced Mathematics from the University of Barcelona, where I began to study this type of problems.

Research group: Complex Analysis Group.

Research interests:
Complex analysis in one and several variables, potential theory and harmonic analysis.

Selected publications