Antoni Torrens

Full professor at UB
Research area: Logic

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UB


Profesor Ayudante at Universitat de Barcelona (UB) from 10/1976 to 09/1977
Adjunto Interino at UB from 10/1977 to 10/1978
Adjunto Contratado at UB from 10/1978 to 12/1984
Profesor Titular de Universidad at UB from 12/1984 to 06/2011
Catedrático de Universidad at UB since 06/2011
Member, since 1994, of the Research Group in non-classical logics of UB, financied by Generalitat de Catalunya
Participant as resercher, since 1987, in several projects financed by the Spanish Ministery of Education and Science, including FEDER founds of EU
Partner at UB of the IRSES project MaToMUVI (PIRSES-GA-2009-247584) of the European Union.
Participant of the action cost AC-15 Many-Valued logic for Computer Science Applications of the European Union (1995-99)

Research lines

  • Non-classical Logics: Multivalued Logic, Fuzzy Logic, Substructural Logics and its implicative fragments.
  • Algebras of Logic: Post algebras, MV-algebras, BCK-algebras, Distributive Latttices and Residuated lattices
  • Algebraic Logic: Abstract Logic, algebraization
  • Universal algebra: Varieties, quasivarieties, Boolean products, Pierce representation
  • Proof Theory: Gentzen Systems, Hipersequents

Selected publications

  • Castaño, D.N.; Díaz Varela, J.P. and Torrens, A.; “Regular elements and Kolmogorov translation in residuated lattices”. Algebra Universalis, 73 (2015) 1.pp:1-22.
  • Cignoli, R. and Torrens, A.; “Varieties of Commutative Integral Bounded Residuated Lattices Admitting a Boolean Retraction Term. Studia Logica, 100 (2012) 6, pp: 1107-1136
  • Torrens, A.; “Semisimplicity and the discriminator in bounded BCK-algebras”. Algebra Universalis 63 (2010) 1, pp:1 -16
  • Gispert, J. and Torrens, A.; “Boolean representation of bounded BCK-algebras”. Soft Computing 12 (2008), pp: 941-954.
  • Cignoli, R.; Esteva, F.; Godo, L. and Torrens, A. “Basic Fuzzy Logic is the logic of continuous t-norms and their residua”. Soft Computing , 4 (2000) 2 .pp: 106-112