Àlex Cebrián

at UAB
Research area: Topology

Funding source: Other (PIF)
PhD Advisors: Joachim Kock


I obtained my bachelors in Mathematics and Physics at the  University of Barcelona in 2015 and my Master in Advanced Mathematics  at the same university in 2017. My bachelor and master thesis were  titled "Càlcul de la cohomlogia de grups de Lie amb successions  espectrals" and "Generalization of Fermat's Last Theorem to real quadratic fields" and supervised by Carles Casacuberta and Luis  Dieulefait respectively.

Since November 2016, I am a PhD student at the Universitat Autònoma de  Barcelona with Joachim Kock as advisor. My work focuses on decomposition spaces, plethysm, and its connection to topology through
lambda rings.


Selected publications

A. Cebrian. A simplicial groupoid for plethysm. (2018), submitted.