Alberto Santini

Associate professor at UPF
Research area: Mathematical Modelling / Computer Science

PhD in Automatic Control and Operational Research obtained at University of Bologna (Italy) (2017)


I am a tenure-track assistant professor of Operational Research (O.R.) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I also hold a Juan de la Cierva grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Bologna, worked as post-doctoral researcher at RWTH Aachen University, and held visiting positions at various universities (such as the Danish Technical University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and private research centres (such as the Modelling and Optimisation group at Amazon).

My research is focused on combinatorial optimisation problems. I am interested in both exact and heuristic solution methods. I am lately researching problem-independent properties of popular metaheuristics and how they can improved via machine learning techniques.

I founded AIROYoung, the youth chapter of the Italian O.R. society, and EUROYoung, a network of O.R. researchers from European countries organising training and dissemination events. I am currently serving in the board of directors of the Italian O.R. Society (AIRO).

Research lines

Combinatorial optimisation;

mixed-integer linear programming;


machine learning.

Selected publications

1. Enrico Malaguti, Silvano Martello, and Alberto Santini. The Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickups, Deliveries, and Draft LimitsOmega 74 (2018), pp. 50–58.

2. Fabio Furini, Enrico Malaguti, and Alberto Santini. An Exact Algorithm for the Partition Coloring ProblemComputers & Operations Research 92 (2018), pp. 170–181.

3. Alberto Santini, Stefan Ropke, and Lars Magnus Hvattum. A comparison of acceptance criteria for the Adaptive Large Neighbourhood Search metaheuristic, Journal of Heuristics 24 (5 2018), pp. 783–815.

4. Alberto Santini, Stefan Ropke, and Christian E.M. Plum. A branch-and-price approach to the Feeder Network Design Problem, European Journal of Operational Research 264 (2 2017), pp. 607–622.

5. Andrea Bettinelli, Alberto Santini, and Daniele Vigo. A real-time con ict solution algorithm for the Train Rescheduling Problem, Transportation Research Part B 106 (2017), pp. 237–265.