Agustí Reventós

Full professor at UAB
Research area: Geometry

PhD in Mathematics obtained at UB


Professor of Geometry at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He has translated to Catalan and commented the Disquisitiones generales circa superficies curvas by C.F. Gauss, with Carlos Rodriguez. He is editor, with A. M. Naveira, of the volume Santaló Selected Works, published by Springer in 2009. He is author of the book Affine maps Euclidean motions and quadrics, published by Springer 2011.

Research lines

  • Differential Geometry
  • Integral Geometry
  • History of Geometry

Selected publications

  • 2001 A. Borisenko; E. Gallego; A. Reventós Relation between area and volume for lambda convex sets in Hadamard manifolds. Differential Geometry and its Applications. Vol 14; p267-28
  • 2007 A. Escudero, A. Reventós. An interesting property of the evolute. The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol 114; p.623-628
  • 2007 A. Escudero, A. Reventós, G. Solanes. Focal sets in two dimensional space forms. Pacific Journal of Mathematic, Vol 233; p. 101-112
  • 2008 E. Gallego, A. Reventós, G. Solanes, E. Teufel. Width of convex bodies in spaces of constant curvature. Manuscripta Mathematica, Vol: 126, p.115-134
  • 2010 E. Gallego, A. Reventós, G. Solanes, E. Teufel. A kinematic formula for the total absolute curvature of intersections. Advances in Geometry, Vol 10; p. 709-719