Adrián Hinojosa Calleja

at UB
Research area: Probability

Funding source: ES ()
PhD Advisors: Marta Sanz-Solé


I was born in Mexico City.

I did my undergraduate studies on Mathematics at UNAM. My bachelor thesis “Generalization of the associated random walk and the Wald’s martingale” was advised by Prof. María Emilia Caballero. Later, I studied a MSc on Mathematics at TU Berlin. I wrote the master thesis “Interference in ad-hoc telecommunication systems in the high-density limit” which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König.

Additionally, I have been always interested in Mathematical Education. I was teacher of Mathematics for two years at Logos Secondary Highschool at Mexico City and also, I have been teacher assistant of different undergraduate courses at UNAM and UB.

Currently, I am a PhD Mathematics student at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of UB. I am developing a research project under the direction of Prof. Marta Sanz Solé.


Research interests

  • Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  • Gaussian Noises
  • Hitting Probabilities
  • Malliavin Calculus

Selected publications