Calls to Organize BGSMath activities

Calls to Organize BGSMath activities


The BGSMath invites proposals from BGSMath members for advanced graduate courses to be held before 30 June 30 2019. The duration of a course is 10 to 20 hours, distributed along two to five weeks.


A BGSMath Advanced Graduate Course can be on fundamental topics in advanced mathematics or on specialized topics. Courses with broad perspective that could attract PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from different research fields will be given a priority. A lecturer of a BGSMath advanced graduate course must be an international leading figure in the corresponding field.

The deadline for submissions is 30 November 2018.

Submission of proposals

The proposals should contain the following.

  1. Title of the course.
  2. Name(s), affiliation(s), e-mail address(es) and homepage(s) of the lecturer(s).
  3. Scientific motivation and relevance of the topic (maximum 1 page).
  4. Name of the organizer(s).
  5. Duration and proposed dates.
  6. Syllabus with bibliography and recommended prerequisites
  7. Abridged curriculum vitae (maximum 2 pages) of all the lecturers.

Proposals should be written in English, and sent to in the form of a single pdf file.

At least one of the organizers must be affiliated to the BGSMath. The organizers may also be lecturers.


Deadline for submissions

30 November 2018



Proposals will be evaluated by the BGSMath Advisory Scientific Board, and approved by the Governing Board.


Financial support

Lecturers affiliated to academic and research institutions outside Catalonia are entitled to receive an honorarium of 100€ per hour.


The Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics (BGSMath) invites proposals for Monthly Research Programmes (MRP) to be held before 30 June 2019.

A MRP provides a flexible way to organize activities in spearhead topics in the mathematical sciences. They are meant to develop the strategic goals of the María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence along with contributing to a high-level training at the doctoral and postdoctoral level. MRP are funded by the project MDM-2014-0445 from the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades.

Proposals should be initiatives led by research groups of the BGSMath. Cooperation between several research areas of the BGSMath will be most welcome.

The deadline for submissions is 2 December 2018.

Submission of proposals

Conditions for Monthly Research Programmes

  • Proposals can be broad in their scope or focused on specific topics. They must have an international diversity of participants.
  • A program should have a well-defined postgraduate training value. An advanced training course with a duration of at least 10 hours has to be one of its activities.
  • The main organizer must be a researcher associated to BGSMath.
  • The venue must be at one of the BGSMath partners: UAB, UB, UPC, UPF and CRM.
  • The duration of the programs is between 4 and 6 weeks.

Financial and administrative support

A maximum of two programs will be funded. The financial support depends on the duration of the program and the amount of scientific activity. It ranges from 14.000€, for a four-week program, to 20.000€, for a six-week program.

Co-funding provided by the organizers will be considered as a positive element in the final decision on the proposal. A co-funding of at least 20% of the total budget is recommended.

The financial support is to contribute towards the following costs:

  • travel and accommodation of researchers from outside Catalonia;
  • grants for the participation of young researchers in the scientific activities of the program;
  • honorarium for lecturers of advanced courses from outside Catalonia.

The BGSMath will provide administrative support for the organization, in cooperation with the administrative staff of the centre where the program will take place.

Proposals of a Monthly Research Programmes

Proposals for A MRP should address the following points:

  • A description of the proposed program (max. 3 pages) including the research directions, the scientific motivations and the expected impact. A program of activities. This may include weekly seminars, open problems sessions, mini-courses. The proposal should provide details on the people in charge of the organization of each activity. An advanced training course of at least 10 hours delivered by a leading researcher must be part of the program.
  • Organizing committee: names, affiliations and abridged curriculum vitae (max 4 pages). Corresponding applicant.
  • Duration, dates and venue of the program.
  • Research groups involved in the proposal, and researchers associated to BGSMath that will likely take part in the program.
  • Tentative list of external participants, with the tentative duration of their stays and a brief description of their role in the program. Please highlight those who have confirmed their participation.
  • Budget, including, if applicable, co-funding sources.

Submission of proposals and evaluation 

Proposals should be written in English. They will be sent to  in a single PDF file containing all the required documents. The proposals will be evaluated by the BGSMath Advisory Scientific Board.

Report on the program

No later than one month after the ending date of the program, a report should be delivered to the Director of the BGSMath. It should consist of:

  • a detailed description of the scientific activities;
  • a summary of the main achievements.
  • the names and affiliations of the participants in the program and their contributions;
  • an update of the final budget.