Obtaining a Ph.D. in Barcelona

Obtaining a Ph.D. in mathematics in Barcelona starts by being admitted in a Ph.D. program in one of the universities of our public system. The BGSMath reference programs in mathematics are:

To choose the appropiate program you may:

  • Identify your area of interest and your prefered research group among the BGSMath areas.
  • Contact directly the group contact person, or the particular researcher you would like to be your Ph.D. advisor, if any, to let them know about your interest and to obtain guidance. Or,
  • Contact the One-Stop Office of BGSMath so that a researcher in your area can be assigned to you for help.

The requirements for admission may slightly vary from one program to another but in general you will be asked to be in posession of a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, economics or computer science, plus having obtained a master’s degree. You must have obtained a total of 300ECTS or equivalent in your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Depending on the academic background or the PhD thesis orientation, you may be required to take some master courses as complementary training in one of the university master’s programs.

Once you have been admitted in a doctorate program we encourage you to register with us to become a member of the BGSMath comunity.

Note that if you have been selected for one of the BGSMath fellowships, you are automatically a BGSMath student. Most probably you are already in contact with our One-Stop Office where you will be guided through the process.

Funding oportunities

The BGSMath  has  regular calls once or twice every year for doctoral fellowships. Occasionally there are also extraordinary calls. Check here for open calls.

The selection of candidates is done by our Scientific Committee following the highest international standards, and the European Charter and Code for Researchers. Selected Ph.D. candidates will be supported by BGSMath during 3 years. They will have to enroll in one of the Reference Doctorate Programs of BGSMath , under the supervision of a BGSMath member in a research group.

The main sources of pre-doctoral grants and financial support for PhD students in our public university system, suitable for the candidates to pursue our doctoral program, are the following:

The conditions are similar for all these types of grant: 3 to 4 years in length and about 1150-1200 euros per month.

Other institutions and research groups or centres may offer pre-doctoral grants or some kind of financial support for students of our PhD program. Information about calls is available in the web pages of main universities, schools, research centres, etc.