Call for doctoral positions


The call will NOT be handled by BGSMath


Online applications must be done through the Ministry web page (documentation only in Spanish).

The call was launched on september 13.

Deadline: September 27, at 15:00 (Spanish time).

New Ph.D. Positions

The Spanish Ministry of  Economy and Competitiveness has opened the following positions.
(Interested candidates should contact the corresponding PIs, in brackets.)


  • 4 PhD positions in BGSMath are opened in the following areas:
  • 5 additional positions associated to the following research projects:
  • Dynamical systems. Tere M-Seara (
    Theoretical and computational aspects of dynamical systems, with applications to celestial mechanics and neuroscience.
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation of living epithelial materials. Marino Arroyo (
    The project is about mathematical modeling, numerical simulations, and close interaction with experimental collaborators to quantitatively understand various aspects of single cells and epithelial tissues, pertinent to mechanobiology and to the mechanics of living materials. The applicant will be part of an expanding and interdisciplinary group with long-term funding from the European Research Council, see Depending on expertise and interest, the applicant may work at different scales (sub-cellular to tissue) and with different emphasis on modeling, computations, or interaction with experiment.