BGSMath Monthly programs 2016/17

In the framework of the grant “María de Maeztu“, BGSMath organizes 4 to 6 weeks  international intensive research programs, lead by local BGSMath faculty.

2016/2017 Fall Semester

Number Theory

The goals of this program are to promote high-quality research in Number Theory in Barcelona as well as to contribute to the training of researchers in related areas.

2017/2018 Spring Semester

Random Discrete Structures and Beyond

This Monthly Program aims to bring together top leader researchers in combinatorics, probability theory and computer science in the area of random discrete structures. May 22nd – June 16th, 2017.

Algebraic and Combinatorial Phylogenetics

This is a chance to make this interplay visible even from what is usually known as “pure mathematics” point of view and to benefit from the top level bioinformatics community in Barcelona. June 19 – July 7.