Mathematical logic and linguistics

Glyn Morril (UPC) and Oriol Valentín (UPC)
 Mon-Wed 17h-19h, from Oct 5, 2015
Room 102, Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística, UPC

One of the new directions taken by mathematical logic in the late 20th century was the turn towards substructural or resource-conscious inference [Girard 1987].
The non-commutative variety of this had already been anticipated in linguistics thirty years earlier [Lambek 1958]. Recently this convergence of mathematical logic and linguistics has consolidated in a particular categorial logic for syntax and semantics, which it is the objective of this course to present.

  • Syntactic types; grammar as an intuitionistic sublinear logic. Tree-based hypersequent calculus; absorbing structural rules
  • Operations on sets; semantic types. Semantic representation language; higher-order logic as a simply typed lambda-calculus with logical constants
  • Rules of grammatical inference; linguistic applications of connectives
  • Algebraic and frame semantics [Dosen and Schroder-Heister 1993]; [Galatos et al. 2007]
  • Soundness and completeness
  • Lexicon
  • Syntactic and semantic analyses:
    • initial examples
    • the PTQ fragment [Montague 1973]
    • discontinuity [Morrill et al. 2011]
    • relativization
    • coordination
  • Focusing [Andreoli 1992]
  • Cut-elimination [Lambek 1958]
  • Count-invariance [van Benthem 1991]
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Course Materials
  • Course text: Morrill and Valentín (in preparation)Categorial Logic for Syntax and Semantics
  • Software: CatLog2 Prolog parser/theorem-prover