Marino Arroyo

Marino Arroyo

Marino Arroyo
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University (USA)
Associate Professor at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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Before joining the UPC, I was a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and a long-term visitor at the Institute for the Mathematics and its Applications (University of Minnesota). I have been awarded the O. C. Zienkiewicz Award for Young Scientists in Computational Engineering Sciences by ECCOMAS (2010), a Icrea Academia Award (2009), and the ASME/BOEING Structures and Materials Award (2003). I have also been the Timoshenko Visiting Scholar at Stanford. In 2009, I was awarded a Starting Grant funded by the European Research Council. Please see my Researcher ID profile. Most of my publications can be downloaded from here.

Research Interests

• Mechanics and physics of small-scale materials and biological systems
• Mathematical modelling and computation
• Cell and membrane biophysics
• Buckling of two-dimensional materials and structures
• Relation between continuum and atomistic models


Selected publications

  • A.Torres-Sánchez, J.M. Vanegas and M. Arroyo (2015), Examining the Mechanical Equilibrium of Microscopic Stresses in Molecular Simulations, Physical Review Letters, 114:258102.
  • L. Casares, R. Vincent, D. Zalvidea, N. Campillo, D. Navajas, M. Arroyoand X. Trepat (2015), Hydraulic fracture during epithelial stretching, Nature Materials, 14:43-351.
  • M. Arroyo, L. Heltai, D. Millan and A. DeSimone (2012) Reverse engineering the euglenoid move- ment, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 109:17874-17879.
  • M. Arroyo and A. DeSimone (2009), Relaxation dynamics of fluid membranes, Physical Review E, 79:031915.
  • M. Arroyo and M. Ortiz (2006), Local maximum-entropy approximation schemes: a seamless bridge between finite elements and meshfree methods, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 65, 2167-2202.